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Small Surprise Bird Most of my pieces are in driftwood and found materials, and all move in some way.  Individual pieces are unique and vary considerably in size and materials.  I will often have available examples from the series shown below, plus some other one-off pieces, some of them larger.    Please contact me for further details.

Robert Race
6 St Margaret's Place
Bradford on Avon
Wiltshire BA15 1DT

+44(0)1225 863724                                         


Small Surprise BirdSmall Surprise Bird
Lift the base and  the
bird turns towards you.
Balancing BirdBalancing Bird
The slightest movement
of air and the bird
flies round.
Muttering BirdsMuttering Birds
£75 each
Twiddle the knob and
the bird turn its head
and opens its mouth.
Posh BirdPosh Bird
Push the lever
down to move the
neck forward &
open the mouth.
from £150
depending on size
& materials.
Pull a cord to
open mouth &
raise eyebrows.

Swing the pendulum
and the eyes move.
Canoe with BirdsCanoe with birds
£150 to£400 +,
Depending on
size and
Canoe(wall mounted)Canoe.
Wall Mounted.
From £150,
depending on size.
wtggbWatching the Girls Go By.
 From £180
depending on size and
materials.  Swing the
pendulum and the eyes, nose and moustache
Demented RuminantDemented Ruminant
Turn the tail - the head
moves and the
animal bleats or moos.
Bird and Bee  (clockwork)  £95bird and bee (clockwork) Moon Priest
Moon Priest  from £150 to £275, depending on size and complexity.
This is around 20 x 30cm, but  they vary. 

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